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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    User account will be automatically created when patient performs a scan with at the radiology practice. You will get a notification to activate your account by SMS or email after your visit to the radiology practice.

  • Where is my report/results?

    Some clinics will only release the report 72 hours after the scan took place, this is to allow your doctor adequate time to look at your report. We understand that your medical records are important to you, so please note that your doctor will always have immediate access, even if you don't.

  • Why don’t you just send my images to my doctor?

    X-rays, ultrasounds and other medical images are usually sent by your radiology clinic to the referring doctor. Patient Portal makes it easier for you to share your images with other doctors or allied health providers. For example, your general practitioner might refer you to a specialist or you might need to access your x-rays or scans while you are travelling.

  • Why would I need to view, share or store my X-rays and Scans?

    Having immediate access to X-rays and scans may give doctors and other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and chiropractors, a more complete picture of your relevant medical history.
    You might want to look at your images again, when you are not at your doctor’s surgery. Or, you may wish to share a special scan with family or friends.
    X-rays and scans are an important part of your medical history in the same way as previous medications and blood tests are important. Having immediate access to X-rays and scans may give doctors a more complete picture of your relevant medical history.

Terms and Definition

Radiology can be tricky and there might be some terms used you're not familiar with. We've listed terms below which are specific to Patient Portal, or used in a particular way in Patient Portal.

  • Study

    A 'study' is defined by visit and machine on the same day. If you attend a clinic and have a set of X-rays, that's one study. If you have a set of X-rays and an ultrasound that's 2 studies.

  • Patients ID

    This is your unique patient identifier for the particular radiology practice your scan done.

  • Accession Number

    Can also be referred as RI Number or Study Code, is usually a combination of numbers and letters. This number/code is a unique value which represents your scan done at that particular radiology practice.

What you'll need

Patient Portal Account

Your account would have been automatically created for you when you had your scan.

If you have yet to receive an activation SMS/email, please contact us

Web Browser / Mobile App

You'll will need a HTML5 capable browser. Patient Portal currently supports the following browser versions:

Alternatively, you can download the Patient Portal app from Apple App store or Google Play store.

Viewing my X-rays and Scans

You can view your X-rays and Scans by clicking on the View Images photo button or by clicking on the scans thumbnail.

Viewing my report

To view your report click on the Report assignment button.

Sharing my X-rays and Scans

You can share your X-rays and Scans by clicking on the Quick Share share button.

Uploading X-rays and Scans

You can upload images from old CDs and USBs to account by using our uploader.

Audit Trails

We take security seriously. You can check your X-rays or scans activities, such as:

  • when it was accessed,
  • when a share code link generated, etc.

To check the activities of your scan click on the Activity assessment button.

Edit my account detaiils

To edit your acccount details go to My Account section.